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      'Our mission is to provide our clients with efficient product designs that are robust and easy to manufacture.'
      Our experienced staff is always looking for new and interesting design challenges. We enjoy working on a wide variety of projects utilizing a mix of previous designs and new ideas. With our focus on design longevity, reliability and the end-user, we strive to minimize future redesigns. This results in savings to our clients while simultaneously keeping our staff engaged and challenged.

      Since 1986, Seitz & Associates' mission has been to provide our clients with innovative and robust design solutions on short project schedules. Our engineering staff includes both hardware and software engineers and technicians who have extensive experience in supporting the entire development cycle from conceptualization through specification, design, prototype assembly, certification, and production.
     Seitz & Associates' engineering staff has expertise in the areas of high-speed digital design, microprocessors and embedded controllers, programmable logic, analog, RF and microwave design, software design and PCB layout. Our large array of test equipment, design tools, and parts inventory allows us to complete the most challenging designs in a timely manner.
      Seitz & Associates has design experience with microcontrollers from Atmel, Microchip, Motorola, Mitsubishi, NXP, Samsung, ST Microelectronics, and TI. We have completed designs using DSP processors from TI, Analog Devices and Motorola. Because a large number of designs require battery power, we have experience with battery chargers for most battery chemistries. Seitz & Associates has completed low noise, front-end designs in our work on oscilloscopes and ultrasound devices, plasma driver electronics involving high speed, high voltage drive circuitry, and 200 Volt linear amplifiers for driving piezo ultrasound devices. Our RF design comes from working on projects at 5 KHz, 75 MHz, 100 MHz, 121 MHz, 315 MHz, 406 MHz, 915 MHz, and 2.4 GHz. We have also worked on broadband designs that can tune from 1 to 1000 MHz, as well as RFID designs.
      Seitz & Associates has the staff and flexibility to support all phases of product development from feasibility studies to high volume, worldwide production. Because we perform all the schematic, board layout and assembly functions in-house, Seitz & Associates is able to maintain tight control of the development cycle, allowing us to provide our clients with rapid prototypes and minimum time to market for their products.

      Seitz & Associates is operated by seven employees, with four degreed engineers. Six employees have been with Seitz & Associates for more than ten years.

Forrest Seitz, President
      Forrest Seitz has successfully operated Seitz & Associates since founding the company in 1986. As president, Forrest manages all projects and is often a key technical contributor. He is the client's primary contact at Seitz & Associates.
      Forrest's expertise is in system design and radio frequency communications. He is also an experienced designer of analog, RF, and power supply circuits. He has completed detailed de-signs for consumer and industrial products and for test and medical equipment. He has worked on radio frequency communications ranging from 5 KHz to 2.4 GHz.
      As the project manager, Forrest is an expert at taking an idea in the concept phase and working with a client to develop specifications and algorithms, generate the schematics, complete the circuit board design and layout, produce prototypes and provide manufacturing support. He has cultivated professional relationships with board manufacturers and parts vendors that benefit his clients. Under his guidance, Seitz & Associates has received exposure to, and experienced success with, a broad range of electronic design applications.
      Forrest graduated from Kansas State University with a BSEE in December 1977. He went to graduate school at the University of Arizona and completed all but the thesis for the MSEE. He holds several patents.

Galen Seitz, Engineer
      Galen Seitz has been involved in hardware and software design since 1982. He has extensive experience with embedded systems.
      Galen's designs use a wide range of microprocessors and microcontrollers, from small 8 bit microcontrollers to dual processor SMP systems. He also has experience with Analog Devices and TI DSP processors. In addition, Galen has completed designs using a variety of CPLD and FPGA devices in both Verilog and VHDL.
      Galen has developed software for numerous processors using C, assembly, and microcode. He has extensive experience with Linux and Unix operating systems including system administration, embedded Linux, and some Linux kernel development.
      Galen received his BSEE from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1982.

Bartley Johnson, Engineer
      Since 1974, Bart Johnson has been working with electronic control systems in a variety of industries. Through project work, Bart has expanded his skill set to include digital and analog design abilities, assembly language programming (x86, HC11, PIC). He is fluent in Visual Basic programming and specializes in providing desktop solutions involving external hardware interfaces.
      Much of Bart's early training and expertise was in the area of professional grade audio recording system design and maintenance. He worked directly with Deane Jensen (Jensen Transformers) while at Indigo Ranch Studios.
      Bart received his BSET from the University of the State of New York (in Albany). Bart continues to attend various technical and professional courses and seminars.

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